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Services We Provide

The handyman at Call Spokane are completely licensed, bonded and insured to do all kinds of house repair work jobs. We provide a full line of services including the following list of a few of the most common services our clients ask us to do:

Patching holes in Drywall
Installing Ceramic Flooring Tiles
Installing Insulation
Converting Attic into Bonus Room
Increasing Homes Energy Performance
Plumbing Repairs
Toilet Clogs
Grout Repair
Dripping Faucets
Carpentry Solutions
Electrical Solutions
Pipe Insulation
Odd Jobs
Deck Upkeep
Seasonal Upkeep
Gutter Repairs and Cleaning
And much more!

If you require something done around your house, Call Spokane is the place to call. We offer complimentary price quotes and quality workmanship so you can have the utmost confidence in our personnel and our services.